Offer practical guidance, encourage character development and share spiritual insight to help others plan, start and grow businesses.


The Entrepreneur’s Friend® came to Cynthia Wheaton, a fully formed concept, on the morning of May 22, 2012. Many people have a skill or talent, but do not know how to turn that into a viable business. Even in tough financial times, entrepreneurship can offer tremendous opportunity. But, it is not easy and success is never guaranteed.

Cynthia has built experience in new ventures and business consulting for most of her career. Therefore, she has valuable experience and perspective to offer to almost any entrepreneur.

So, take a break, have a cup of coffee, and see how we can inform your business process. We do not have all of the answers – and not every post will suit your situation. But, they should encourage or spark ideas: “I hadn’t thought of that!”  

This relationship, by its nature, will be almost completely one-sided. We pull from long-term connections to entrepreneurship. You will get to know us, but we will not know the specifics of your life, your business or your financial situation. This is very different from consulting relationships built on extensive two-way communication. So, pull out the ideas you find helpful and set aside the ones you do not need right now.

Suggestions made here should never be taken over that of accountants, lawyers, or other licensed professionals, who know the specifics of your business and life.  We do not have specific expertise on legal or tax issues and do not have licensed professionals on staff. But, we can help you gain perspective and achieve your goals!

Welcome to The Entrepreneur’s Friend!


Cynthia Wheaton is editor-in-chief and founder of The Entrepreneur’s Friend. She has started businesses within corporations and on her own, educated by successes and failures.  

Her biggest credential is that she was born to an entrepreneur. Her father was a business owner, just as his father – and his mother – had been. Cynthia was never told that “work” is a bad thing. Her parents were in high school during the Great Depression and they knew the value of a hard work.

Her father used to say, “If the only job you can get is digging ditches, dig the best ones you can dig. One day, they’ll make you the supervisor of the ditch diggers. Pay attention, and one day you can start your own ditch-digging business.”

Cynthia’s father loved self-employment because he could “get up every morning and decide what I want to do today.” Her mother often said, “The cream always rises to the top.” In other words: Keep trying, keep working, keep doing your best. You will succeed.

In addition, her parents gave Cynthia the tools to develop faith in God and faith in herself. Both have defined her life.

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The Entrepreneur’s Friend® is a registered trademark of Wheaton Consulting Group LLC.   Photo credits: All photos were taken by Cynthia Wheaton and owned by Wheaton Consulting Group LLC except as noted. Coffee cup art by Jim Wheaton.   Author support: Fellow authors from The Wrinklings and Light of Carolina Christian Writers Group.