Congratulations! You are an entrepreneur. Now what?

So, you’ve decided to start your own business – or grow the one you have. You might own a medical or legal practice, a farm, a retail store, or a construction business. Perhaps you don’t even think of your work as a “business” – you are an artist, writer, musician, caregiver, or pet-sitter. You are an entrepreneur if you are paid directly by someone for a product or service. Great! Congratulations! You are in an exclusive, and growing, group of brave and hardy souls.

What are you going to do next to build, grow or strengthen your business? That is what The Entrepreneur’s Friend is all about.

Small business owners are welcome here. The Entrepreneur’s Friend offers practical guidance, character encouragement and spiritual insight to help plan, start and grow your business. Real-life experiences will be shared – providing insight whether you are considering a move to self-employment or have been an entrepreneur for years.

The coming weeks, months and years may be exhilarating, frustrating, terrifying, and exhausting. And, they may be lonely – but they don’t have to be.  Support is a click away, through articles, comments and other resources on the site.

About half of the articles will focus on “Our Work” with practical business advice. We’ll talk about key aspects and suggestions for planning, marketing, producing and analyzing your business and related opportunities. One of the first things we will tackle is the all-important Business Plan.

In conjunction with those, the other half of the articles will focus on “Our Lives.” Part of long-term success comes from our individual and corporate character – leadership, motivation, self-discipline, attitude and more. We will consider four key areas: mind, body, spirit and relationships. By strengthening our lives, we can move toward maximum effectiveness in business and elsewhere.

Let’s take a break during the week, share a cup of coffee, and see what we can learn from each other. I do not have all of the answers – and not every post will suit your situation. Every post should encourage or spark ideas: “I hadn’t thought of that!”  

Please join the small business/new business conversation via social media, including:

This relationship, by its nature, will be fairly one-sided.  I will be pulling from a life-long connection to entrepreneurship. You will get to know me, but I will not know the specifics of your life, your business or your financial situation. This is very different from the consulting relationships I have had since 1986, built on extensive two-way communication. So, please use these resources with that in mind, and pull out the ideas and tools that you find helpful.

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The Entrepreneur’s Friend® is a registered trademark of Wheaton Consulting Group LLC.   Photo credits: All photos were taken by Cynthia Wheaton and owned by Wheaton Consulting Group LLC except as noted. Coffee cup art by Jim Wheaton.   Author support: Fellow authors from The Wrinklings and Light of Carolina Christian Writers Group.