Feeling Overwhelmed?

Not a surprise! Holiday time is near and you are a new entrepreneur or small business owner. The stress can get to all of us when we are juggling our work and personal lives in this busy season.

Based on years of juggling, here is what I recommend for the week ahead:

Resolve Thanksgiving plans.

What would you like to do in the spirit of thankfulness? Coordinate with others to make it happen.

If you are having a family Thanksgiving celebration, it could be a good time to discuss Christmas plans. Perhaps it is time to do something new. Easy.

Be Grateful.

The Pilgrims suffered tremendous loss – death, illness, hunger, fear, loneliness. In the midst of it all, they set aside time to celebrate by thanking God for what they did have. Pray for a season of true “thanks-giving.”

Consider a simpler Christmas.

Some people actually dread the Christmas season because they feel the burden of expectations. Why not re-set expectations and determine the most meaningful tasks or traditions?

Plan an event or travel gift for those with whom you want to spend time. How about minimizing the present-buying rat race by making a family donation of time or money to someone in need?  

What do you have to do before December 31?

Recognize these tasks now so you aren’t surprised when time is running out. Are there donations you want to make? Other tax considerations?  Travel plans to make?

Combine your business and personal plans.

Set priorities and expectations in order to minimize disappointment. Be willing to compromise and make it a goal to meet the most important needs for each person involved, if possible. Let go of everything that is not considered “must do.” Pamper yourself with available time for unexpected opportunities, whether they include a board game, a movie, or a long walk with a friend.

We are working hard this week, and this weekend, so we can enjoy time with our kids when they come home from college on Tuesday.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Until we meet again –
The Entrepreneur’s Friend

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