Life Keys to Business Success

To be effective entrepreneurs, we need to strengthen ourselves – body, mind and spirit. Some of that we can do alone. But, we also need the support of those around us – friends, family, community and peers.  

Be thoughtful and intentional about how you spend your time. Clear out as many of life’s distractions as you can. Let go of things that may be less important but are disproportionately time consuming. This does not mean that we have to be productive every waking moment – that would wear us out!

Key 1 – Our Minds:

  • If you haven’t started yet, get your financial house in order and save as much money as you can. Figure out what you need to spend and strip out all unnecessary expenses. When income is not reliable or consistent, as is often the case for small business owners, it is extremely helpful to know we can cover basic costs until we get on our feet.
  • Be intellectually honest with yourself. Do not blindly tell yourself that everything will turn out great unless you have done your business homework through good planning, or you have generated some proven success.
  • Before leaving work, try to clear your head of the day’s events, and create a “to do” list for tomorrow. When you re-engage in work the next day, you will know right where to start.
  • Re-consider “optional” commitments at work and at home. Unless passionate about them, drop them – at least for a while.  

Key 2 – Our Bodies:

  • Physical activity is a great stress reliever and helps loosen up our muscles, as long as we do it regularly. When physical movement only occurs on weekends, or even less often, there is much greater risk of injury.
  • Gyms can be great and personal trainers can be even better. However, regular stretching and/or taking a brisk 30-minute walk most days can make a big difference in the way we feel.
  • Be intentional about what you eat or drink. Moderation is a good rule of thumb when we need to be clear-headed in our decision-making.
  • Practicing good posture – while seated or standing -- can help prevent and alleviate long-term skeletal pain. Sitting at a computer all day can result in serious health issues that can be avoided, starting today.

Key 3 – Our Spirits:

  • Time spent in prayer can lift the weight of the world. God is with each of us; it can be refreshing to lean into his presence.
  • Laughter – especially with others – is healing.
  • Music can pull us right in, distracting us as we sing along or drum our fingers to the rhythm.
  • Care about others. When we open our hands and hearts to someone who is in pain, we find healing and joy in our own lives.  

Key 4 – Our Relationships:

  • We need others to have a clear perspective about the changes in our lives related to business ownership. So, be kind to the people closest to you by setting their expectations appropriately on an ongoing basis.  
  • Most importantly, include your spouse in big decisions. Any new business involves time, money and energy – and will directly impact your relationship. In that sense, your spouse is your business partner.

I have found that if I can do something differently for 30 days, it becomes a new habit – and I don’t have to think about that issue as often.

Which of these will you start pursuing this weekend?  

Until we meet again,
The Entrepreneur’s Friend

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