The Power of Enthusiasm

Passion gives us energy and focus. More passion for our businesses results in a higher likelihood of success. When we deeply care about what we do, it is never far from our thoughts. And, that is a good thing.

No matter what your business does, you can be enthusiastic about the output.

  • Find an aspect that challenges you in new ways:  learning a new industry, designing a new product, or getting to know new people.
  • Concentrate on the people who will use and appreciate your product or service. Work to build their initial trial and ongoing loyalty.
  • Remember that you can change whatever needs to be changed to make things better. Be thankful for the ability to say “no.”
  • Pursue opportunities to make your product better than the competition.

These are aspects that make business enjoyable.

Why am I passionate about The Entrepreneur’s Friend? I feel called to help others in the business world. This is important to me! Using my skills and experience makes time fly. Finally, it suits my lifestyle, which makes me and my family happy.

You might say, “Well, it’s easy to be excited about this, but what about my business?  It is just about nuts and bolts.”  Or, whatever….

When I was growing up, my father and his brothers owned a concrete products manufacturing plant. That may sound dull to some, but my father loved the challenges! What would it take to get that new piece of machinery? What was necessary to get a state road contract? What were the competitors up to? Let’s go see this new piece of equipment while on family vacation! (We did that once, on a brief side trip. It happens.)  

Surprisingly, one of my favorite corporate jobs was as the Product Manager for brand-name irregular underwear for men, sold through the mail at a discount. I never anticipated that as I slogged away in business school. Who would have guessed? One might think that this was near the bottom of the barrel in terms of generating enthusiasm. For me, it was not the product but the business challenges that were engaging.  

My husband once worked on a significant data-related project for a major retailer. I kept hearing about the “CZ mailer” and the issues surrounding it. He talked about it in animated tones. A lot. Imagine my surprise when I got the mail one day and discovered the envelope touting a “cubic zirconium” ring.

Any product or service can evoke enthusiasm if you care about it, the end-users (e.g., customers or clients) and the surrounding processes. If you don’t have passion for what you do, you need to find a way to generate some. If not, your work hours are going to be particularly long and hard. And, your likelihood of success will be lower.

What do you like about your business? Remind yourself. And, be sure to tell your customers!

Until we meet again,
The Entrepreneur’s Friend

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